Dani Paxson

Associate | KPFF Consulting Engineering | Los Angeles, CA

The WIC leadership boot camp guided me through a process of examining how I engage with others, and why I approach my professional relationships in the way I do. Barb and Shirley paced me through deliberate steps which forced me to take an honest look at how I’m wired as a person, and as a leader. I found myself questioning my approach in a productive and empowering way, and developing new strategies to bring my whole self to both my work and personal lives. The small group size, coupled with the remote and beautiful setting of the Nature Place in Colorado, made this intense 4-day process feel comfortable and supportive. I was inspired by Barb Jackson, by the other women I met in my boot camp session, and by the hard work, I did during my time with them. I have much more clarity and perspective about myself and my contributions to my profession. This was among the most worthwhile 4 days that I’ve spent on professional (and personal) development in my 25-year career. I would highly recommend this boot camp to any female AEC professional, at any stage of her career.