Why Attend?

Why Women, Why Now?

At the boot camp, we want to give you the knowledge to shift to a culture of collaboration, communication, and transparency. Here you will learn what women can bring to the industry today. What is this industry missing? What does this industry need in order to continue to drive forward? As women, you bring a different way to achieve goals in the work environment and can help improve the industry by looking at it in different ways. We want to educate the industry on gender intelligence and how women can lead this industry forward. At the women’s leadership boot camp, we want to give you the communication skills, self-awareness, and leadership skills needed to shift this culture of thinking.

At the women in leadership bootcamp we aim

To rally, engage, and empower the women leaders of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to accept full responsibility for the generation of their own careers, futures, and lives.