Kye Holtan-Brown

Project Manager | National Western Center | Denver, CO

At the time I attended the Boot Camp, I was in transition. I wondered if I was over-reaching in pursuing a particular opportunity I had at the time, or if I had the right reasons for wanting a major career change. The Boot Camp helped me develop some powerful new personal tools and the comradery and discussions with a wonderfully diverse group of women provided new perspectives. I came out of the camp with great confidence and the courage to trust myself–that I truly wanted this new challenge and would be successful with it. I believe that new confidence was perfectly timed to help me showcase my best self and land the job that has launched a whole new chapter in my career. I highly recommend this Boot Camp for anyone who is considering a major change–promotion, job change, or career change–or who wants to be more effective in their current job and be ready for whatever comes next. The new tools, perspectives, and confidence gained at the Boot Camp will benefit anyone at any stage of their career.